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"Sally Painter tells a marvelous and beautifully written story that had me lusting for more. The sex was so hot and steamy that I needed a tall, cold drink of something, but I did not want to take time to get it! To Kiss A Gargoyle grabbed me from the first page and I found myself squirming as I visualized Leonardo's massive chest, as well as other really, really got HOT!" Linda B 

4 cups - Coffee Time Romance

"This is an exotically different paranormal love story. Ms. Painter takes a gargoyle and extremely erotic sex scenes, and you have an excellent story with plenty of excitement to keep you riveted to the end."

Wateena, Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance

"The dynamic interaction between Leonardo and Marcy in To Kiss a Gargoyle will hold you fascinated. Watching as Leonardo struggled not to tell Marcy anything that would force her to free him from the witches curse was very sweet, nearly enough to make me cry... The heat they created... will fog your windows. Writing with a style full of heat and passion I can't wait to see what Ms. Painter will come up with next." Megan, Erotic Escapades



"TO KISS A GARGOYLE is a very steamy read. I never thought that a heroine risking life and limb to kiss a statue outside her high rise window would produce one very hot scene, but this book sure proves this is possible. Their first night together is very hot but nothing compares to the climatic ending, which is absolutely unforgettable. This is a very erotic quick read that I thoroughly enjoyed." Marina


"To Kiss a Gargoyle by Sally Painter was full of love, life and naughty lovemaking. I loved how Ms. Painter gave life to a stone gargoyle and made him so delicious... To Kiss a Gargoyle by Sally Painter is a cute, fantasy romp turned into fairytale magic that I very much enjoyed. " Talia Ricci, Joyfully  Reviewed


"As I was reading this book, I often found myself wondering where I could find a statue of this caliber for my own. Leonardo was so wonder why I am wasting my time with living men! 

This book was pure guilty pleasure. The sex was melting hot and there were no liberties taken with the sheer naughtiness and candid lust between them. Short and sweet, the sweltering sex is the center of this
story."... Morgan Grey, Just Erotic Romance Reviews



Heat Rating:

"This really can come true." Annie


Romance Junkies 
Blue Ribbon Rating: 4

"Ms. Painter is one of the authors you can truly adore and enjoy reading. I recommend this book because it will leave you wanting more from her gargoyles." Connie Spears


This interesting story shows off Sally advantage. The sexual tension was hot and remained high throughout this short piece, flight." Stacey Brutger for The Road to Romance


"To Kiss a Gargoyle is an imaginative tale of wanting something so badly that you chance everything for a mere touch. Sally Painter has created a exceptional gargoyle that every reader will want to kiss and a woman that is brave enough to risk the chance to have it." Jessica Pittman, gottawritenetwork.com

---------------------- tale. It takes place in less than fifty pages. The author Sally Painter does not waste any words. Each page is full of sensual, erotic acts. The love story aspect adds to the richness of the story. I to readers who enjoy a good sensual tale. I also look forward to reading other stories by Ms. Painter." Paige Lovitt, Reader Views


A truly delightful story! I enjoyed reading this short novel immensely. This is a woman's fantasy come to life...The intense desire and longing brings them to an explosive passion that both never want to end...Marcy's character pulled me into her fantasy and made me wish for my own fantasy lover as sexy as Leonardo. It is a very hot short story and a keeper." Susan, Night Owl Romance


"Sally Painter has written a very hot, sizzling little number in this short story.  Lovers of erotic romance will certainly devour this story.  Ms. Painter knows how to get the reader panting and shivering as her characters enjoy some heated love scenes that are both sensual and romantic.  reviewer is not telling how.  This reviewer is sure that many a woman has had a special erotic fantasy, and Ms. Painter has written a heroine that most readers can relate to.  In this story, the dream come true, handsome, strong and he can fly too.  This reviewer was totally enamoured of this story and enjoyed it very much.  Sally Painter is now on this Love Romances


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