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4.5 Blue Ribbons
"Sally Painter writes passionate full-bodied whimsical stories that never fail to thrill readers.  With FAE’S GARGOYLE we meet this unlikely pair (a fae and a gargoyle) who despite their differences and the troubling situation love with a single-mindedness that is simply enchanting.  Of course there’s plenty of conflict and butt kicking because that’s what hussies do when the situation calls for it.  Maria is a charming character whose love for Denton is apparent in everything she does.  Denton ’s innocence and chivalristic attitude speaks volumes about the sort of man he is and readers will adore him.  FAE’S GARGOYLE is a fun read that Ms. Painter’s fans will definitely enjoy." Chrissy Dionne, Romance Junkie Reviews

5 Hearts
"Sally Painter has created a marvelous addition to a series that is fast becoming a huge favorite of mine." Abi, The Romance Studio

"Fae’s Gargoyle will sweep you up in erotic passion as the plot quickly pulls you into the dilemma that faces the destined lovers. The characters develop with each page to give you a well-rounded romance that sizzles and leaves you burning for more of Ms. Painter’s sexy gargoyle stories. Fae’s Gargoyle is a great read and a satisfying quickie..." Night Owl Romance 

Title:  Faye's Gargoyle
Series: The Hussies

Genre:  Fantasy
Publisher: Ellora's Cave

ISBN:   9781419918995 Ebook (Digital)
ISBN: Print
Publication Date: November 5, 2008



 4 Stars
"Painter entertains with a captivating plot and unique characters. There's action, danger, romance and, best of all, a sexy hero who happens to be a gargoyle. The sexual tension between him and the heroine keeps things sizzling in this emotionally satisfying, well-written tale with lots of supernatural power and hot scenes." RT Book Reviews 

5 Stars
" of the hottest romantic interludes that I have ever read...fabulous, sexy, riveting  read...

"...adventure, love, terrifying situations,  people that you will root for, and truly care about for their well being. I laughed, cried a lot, and spent the whole night reading because I could not put this book down. I am enthralled by this new series." Susiq2, Sensual Ecata Romance

4.5 Rating
"...unique and fascinating story. Ms. Painter has written a novel that pulls you in from the first word and leaves you begging for more as the last scene unfolds..." Wendy Keel, The Romance Readers Connection

4.5 Nymphs
"Garrett is strong, determined, and hotter than the dog days of summer. The man is a walking triple orgasm..." Scandalous Minx, Literary Nymphs Reviews 

"... extraordinary ability to enrapture the reader in a complex world with sinful delight and a battle of good and evil. The emotionally charged story sizzles with taboo and temptations to leave you breathless...

"... tantalizing moments of romance...a great story with characters you want to see again as they are imprinted within the heart of the reader while leaving you in anticipation for the next story in the Gargoyle series. It is an entertaining read and one I would recommend. Enjoy!" Susan, Night Owl Romance

5 cups 
"Totally awesome. This reader cannot wait for the next book. A phenomenal read." Wateena, Coffee Time Romance

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Title:  Reunited
Series: Gargoyles Seduced
Genre:  Paranormal

Publisher: Ellora's Cave

ISBN:  9781419917035 Ebook (Digital)
ISBN: Print
Publication Date: July 18, 2008

4.5 Tombstones - To Kiss A Gargoyle
"There’s passion, danger, emotional fulfillment and a really great story." Bitten By Books

Title:  Midnight Treat
Genre:  Futuristic
Publisher: Pocket Books
ISBN-10: 1416577238 Print
ISBN-13: 978-1-4165-7853-6 
Ebook (Digital)
Publication Date:  June 10, 2008



"riveting... I found it nearly impossible to put the book down...really pulled me into the story... sexual chemistry between he and Randi was volcanic and it was my pleasure to experience their heat...I was so immersed in Sexed Up that nothing else in the world existed save this book and its characters... Sally Painter wrote an outstanding book, one that I am honored to present a Gold Star Award to." Misa Noire. Just Erotic Romance Reviews

""...well-constructed, blended plot that offers the reader not only SF and erotica, but also a mystery and a surprising ending...attention to small details... graphic sex scenes are an integral part of the plot and so appear as natural consequences of events rather than disconnected intrusions. I highly recommend." Jean, Fallen Angel Reviews,  Recommended Read - 5 Angels

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Title:  Sexed UP
Genre:  Futuristic
Publisher: Ellora's Cave

ISBN:  9781419914980  Ebook (Digital) 
ISBN: TBD (Print)


"...a world so incredible that I found myself immersed in the characters, their plight, and the wonders of this underwater nation." Romance Junkies, 5 Blue Ribbons,  Recommended Read

Recommended Read

"...full of raw emotion, danger, and some steamy sex. I was truly on the edge of my sea." Two Lips Reviews

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Title:  Divided Love
Genre:  Fantasy
Publisher: Ellora's Cave

ISBN: 9781419914355 Ebook (Digital) 
ISBN: TBD (Print)

Dream Lovers of Gargoyle Castle

"This collection of sizzling tales starts off with a story about two women who end up with two unusual lovers. The second story is full of twists and imaginative sexual encounters. And strong characters and an action-packed plot provide a happy ending for the last tale." RT Book Reivews, 4 STARS

"... a wonderful story... plays up the gargoyles in just the right way ..." Fallen Angel Reviews,

"... fascinating tale...very hot lovers.  I loved the feeling in this book...sure to delight lovers of paranormal romance."  Joyfully Reviewed

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Genre:  Anthology (Twilight) 
Publisher: Ellora's Cave
Available Digital and Print

ISBN ISBN -10: 1-4199-0729-8 1- Ebook
ISBN - 13: 9781419955662- Paperback


"...humor, a great romantic sex... a story for all lovers of romance with a vampire twist." JERR, 4 Stars

"...the massage Emma gives to Alex is so sensuous... passionate sex scenes... an enjoyable tale... vampiric romance." JERR, 4 Stars

"... sexy is his middle name...I have to give a hardy kudos to Sally Painter for a job well done." Romance Junkies, 4 Blue Ribbon Rating

"... quickly grabs a reader’s attention... hot enough to singe the fingers..." Romance Reviews Today

"The sexy on edge feel...grabs your attention right away and refuses to relinquish it, be warned you will need tissues before you’re done with this emotional wringer... make you blush." Megan, Erotic-Escapades, 4

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Title:  Last Resort
Genre:  Vampire (Twilight)
Ellora's Cave
Available Digital and Print

ISBN 1-4199-0143-5 - Ebook (Digital)
ISBN 1419952307 - Paperback


"Ms. Painter is one of the authors you can truly adore and enjoy reading...will leave you wanting more from her gargoyles." Romance Junkies, 4

"... a marvelous and beautifully written story... hot and steamy...grabbed me from the first page...Oh my, it really, really got HOT!" - The Romance Studio, 5 hearts, Explicit

"...exotically different paranormal love story...some extremely erotic sex excellent story." Coffee Time Romance, 4 cups

"... will hold you fascinated...enough to make me cry... will fog your windows. Writing with a style full of heat and passion..." Erotic Escapades

"... a very steamy read...very hot scene...climatic ending...absolutely unforgettable..." Marina, 4 Cupids/4Cupids

"...full of love, life and naughty lovemaking... so delicious...very much enjoyed. " Joyfully Reviewed

"...Leonardo was so beautifully described...pure guilty pleasure... sex was melting hot...sheer naughtiness and candid lust...sweltering sex." Just Erotic Romance Reviews

"... will capture the reader’s attention...." EURO-REVIEWS, 4 Flags

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Title:  To Kiss a Gargoyle
Genre: Urban Fantasy (Twilight)
Publisher: Ellora's Cave

ISBN #1-4199-0560-0 - Ebook (Digital)


"Painter writes humorous dialogue... excellent and hilarious offering. Characterization is strong, and the plot keeps the action exciting."  Romantic Times - 4 1/2 Stars 

 "...found myself turning page after page and didn't want to put it down! The scorching hot passion and tender love..." eCataRomance - 5 Stars  

"...has it all: love, passion, lust, scorching hot sex, betrayal and evil great read that I had a hard time putting down...enjoyed the mystified plot... pulled me into her unique spell-bounding world of vampires...breathlessly turning page after page..." Romance Junkies, 4.5

"Immediately I was taken in by this book." mon-boudoir - Rating 5.0 / Sensuality 5.0 

"There are moments you don’t know what is going to happen next and that kept me turning the pages... Danielle and Armondés burn up the sheets with their hot steamy scenes that proves Ms. Painter has a very ingenious mind! " Just Erotic Romance Reviews, 4 Stars

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Title:  All I Need
Genre:  Vampire (Twilight)
Publisher: Ellora's Cave
Available Digital and Print

ISBN 1-4199-0143-5 - Ebook (Digital)
ISBN 1419952307 - Paperback


“... sizzling love scenes and this becomes an intriguing and compelling tale.” 4 Stars - Romantic Times BOOKclub

"... the kind of book that you can’t get out of your mind. Once you begin it, you won’t be able to put it down."The Road to Romance

"A dramatically and moving story... passionate and soul-consuming love scenes...completely enamored of the story... moved by the authenticity of emotions... Sally Painter is a sensational artist of the written word bringing forth a dynamic and captivating imagination for readers to enjoy." 5 Stars - Just Erotic Romance Reviews

"...a story so comprehensive and vibrant that I actually envisioned myself in every scene." Enchanted in Romance - 5 Unicorns

"...a must-have for romance fans, especially those who want a driving plot."Just Erotic Romance Reviews- 4.5 Stars

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Title:  All I Want
Genre:  Time Travel (Voyager)
Publisher: Ellora's Cave
Available Digital and Print

ISBN ISBN -10: 1-4199-0173-7 - Ebook
ISBN - 13: 978-1419952678 - Paperback

4.5  & TOP PICK Romantic Times

2005 RT Reviewers' Choice Award Nominee


"Humor adds enjoyment to this adventure... excellent anthology of top writers... stories are strong, with wonderful heroes and heroines and hot sex.” TOP PICK!!! 4 1/2 stars - TOP PICK- Romantic Times BOOKReviews

"Rarely does an anthology deliver on all of its promises but Fated Mates has done just that... three exceptionally talented anthology that you will want to read again and again...The emotions and eroticism make for some explosive moments." EURO-REVIEWS, 5 Flags 

"LOVE ME TOMORROW brings action and adventure... Fighting aliens... a major case of lust, Shalene is a woman who can do it all. Mecah is the sexy humanoid that captures the reader’s attention and holds it until the very end. Passion rides high...  readers will love Sally Painter’s creative and intriguing characters and interesting plot.   ROMANCE JUNKIES, 4.0

"FATED MATES brings together three of today’s hottest authors and gives readers unforgettable stories that combine action, adventure, romance, passion and suspense all combined into one extraordinary book." Just Erotic Romance Reviews, 4 Stars

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Title:  Fate Mates
Genre:  Futuristic (Aeon)
Ellora's Cave
Available Digital and Print

SBN 10: 1-4199-0164-8 - Ebook (Digital)
ISBN 13: 9781419953033 - Paperback